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    When To Get In Touch With Your Pest Control Agency

    Spotting a hideous cockroach head poking out of your vent can be quite a stain on a good day. What do you do if you happen to be the subject of such an experience? Do you contact your pest control agency? How do you know that this is a problem that warrants professional intervention? 

    It is always better to get in touch with your pest control agency if you notice even the slightest signs of infestation. 

    Even if there are no signs, there may be other instances where you need their services. 
    Read on to find out when to contact your pest control agency.

    You have moved into a new house

    You have finally bought that wonderful house you had your eyes on. You would want your new house to be just perfect. 

    One of the most important steps to take when moving into a new house is to contact pest control services. Who knows how the lifestyle of the previous owners influenced the pest problem?

    You should also get new houses treated for pests so that they do not surface in it in the future, either. Your pest control agency will be able to take all the necessary preventive measures for your house's security.

    You see the pests in your house

    This is perhaps the most evident sign that you need to contact pest control services. If you see pests like cockroaches, termites, mice, spiders, or any other pest just scuttling about in your house, you need to call your pest control agency. 

    If you can see the pests on a regular basis, then it means they have burrowed somewhere in your house. 

    They say that for every cockroach you see, there are a hundred you don’t. 
    This means that even if you see only a small sign of pests, there could be a much larger underlying problem. This requires professional help. 

    Food packaging and clothes seem tampered with 

    You may have noticed gnaw marks on cereal boxes, or tiny holes in your clothes. These are signs that indicate pests. 

    You may not be able to see them, but this provides enough evidence.  Your pest control agency will be able to locate the pests which are causing trouble while hiding from your sight. So it's time to get in touch with them!

    You see the damage done to wood

    Certain pests such as termites can cause damage to wood and make it obsolete. If you notice cracks in your wooden belongings, then it’s a sign of pests. 

    Other kinds of damage, such as tiny holes in wood, hollowness, moisture on wood, amongst others, are also indicators of pests.

    If you notice any of these or any other irregularities with your wooden belongings, it is an alarm!You should really consider calling a pest controller.

    You can hear and smell the pests

    Some pests are so good at hiding that you may never really see them. But, you may be able to hear them or smell their presence. 

    Most pests barely make sounds, but sometimes you may be able to hear noises. These noises can include faint scuttling, shuffling, or burrowing sounds. Their scratching, clawing, and flapping may also be audible.

    Pests are definitely not hygienic creatures. They leave their stench behind wherever they go. If you can sense any spots in your house reeking, it’s best to believe that it is infested.

    Summing it up

    It is certainly not a very pleasant experience to share your house with pests. They are truly abominable creatures that drain you economically, physically, and mentally.

    It is always better to take precautions to protect your house against pests. Your pest control agency will be able to make suggestions for prevention. It will also undertake the necessary measures if you do happen to be a victim of pest infestation. 

    Radar Pest Control Sunshine Coast can assure you of its impressive training and record of pest control, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


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