Pest Control

  • When To Get In Touch With Your Pest Control Agency

    Spotting a hideous cockroach head poking out of your vent can be quite a stain on a good day. What do you do if you happen to be the subject of such an experience? Do you contact your pest control agency? How do you know that this is a problem that warrants professional intervention? 

    It is always better to get in touch with your pest control agency if you notice even the slightest signs of infestation. 

    Even if there are no signs, there may be other instances where you need their services. 
    Read on to find out when to contact your pest control agency.

    You have moved into a new house

    You have finally bought that wonderful house you had your eyes on. You would want your new house to be just perfect. 

    One of the most important steps to take when moving into a new house is to contact pest control services. Who knows how the lifestyle of the previous owners influenced the pest problem?

    You should also get new houses treated for pests so that they do not surface in it in the future, either. Your pest control agency will be able to take all the necessary preventive measures for your house's security.

    You see the pests in your house

    This is perhaps the most evident sign that you need to contact pest control services. If you see pests like cockroaches, termites, mice, spiders, or any other pest just scuttling about in your house, you need to call your pest control agency. 

    If you can see the pests on a regular basis, then it means they have burrowed somewhere in your house. 

    They say that for every cockroach you see, there are a hundred you don’t. 
    This means that even if you see only a small sign of pests, there could be a much larger underlying problem. This requires professional help. 

    Food packaging and clothes seem tampered with 

    You may have noticed gnaw marks on cereal boxes, or tiny holes in your clothes. These are signs that indicate pests. 

    You may not be able to see them, but this provides enough evidence.  Your pest control agency will be able to locate the pests which are causing trouble while hiding from your sight. So it's time to get in touch with them!

    You see the damage done to wood

    Certain pests such as termites can cause damage to wood and make it obsolete. If you notice cracks in your wooden belongings, then it’s a sign of pests. 

    Other kinds of damage, such as tiny holes in wood, hollowness, moisture on wood, amongst others, are also indicators of pests.

    If you notice any of these or any other irregularities with your wooden belongings, it is an alarm!You should really consider calling a pest controller.

    You can hear and smell the pests

    Some pests are so good at hiding that you may never really see them. But, you may be able to hear them or smell their presence. 

    Most pests barely make sounds, but sometimes you may be able to hear noises. These noises can include faint scuttling, shuffling, or burrowing sounds. Their scratching, clawing, and flapping may also be audible.

    Pests are definitely not hygienic creatures. They leave their stench behind wherever they go. If you can sense any spots in your house reeking, it’s best to believe that it is infested.

    Summing it up

    It is certainly not a very pleasant experience to share your house with pests. They are truly abominable creatures that drain you economically, physically, and mentally.

    It is always better to take precautions to protect your house against pests. Your pest control agency will be able to make suggestions for prevention. It will also undertake the necessary measures if you do happen to be a victim of pest infestation. 

    Radar Pest Control Sunshine Coast can assure you of its impressive training and record of pest control, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

  • Reasons Why You Should Consult Professionals For Termite Control

    You’re going about your day when you notice a termite colony sneakily try to branch out under your kitchen cabinet. What do you do?Do you ignore it and continue your day? Or do you try to get rid of it yourself? None of these! 

    What you need to do is realize that you have a pest problem.The best and only effective solution to this is to call a professional pest control service. They can help you restore the purity of your house in the best possible manner. 

    Here are some reasons you should contact professional pest control services for termite control. 

    Do-It-Yourself solutions are ineffective

    You don’t know the extent of the termite infestation yet. Who knows how many pests are scuttling about in your house, out of sight? 

    If you try to be your own termite controller, you may end up merely masking the problem. This can cause the termite problem you are attempting to address to reappear soon. It can cause more damage where you cannot see it. 

    Pest control professionals have all the necessary experience and skills to seek out the root of the problem and eliminate it from there. This ensures that the whole pest infestation is removed. It also gives a more permanent result. 

    You need someone with a good knowledge of chemicals.

    You may want to deal with the pests in your home all by yourself, but it is not advisable. You may not be acquainted with the chemicals you will need or their safety quotient. Some chemicals can cause damage to your health if used incorrectly or mixed with certain surfaces.

    You need to get in touch with professionals because they have an unbeatable knowledge of all the chemicals that need to be used. They are also aware of the effects of each, what they need to be used for, and when.

    Moreover, they are experts who have received proper training for dealing with hazardous chemicals. This way, your health, and environment will be in safe hands.

    Doing it yourself will be very time-consuming

    If you try to deal with the termites in your house on your own, you will need to conduct quite a bit of research. You will need to educate yourself on the pests, their behaviour, the extent of their damage, and how to best eliminate them. 

    To add to this, you will also have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where exactly the pests are located. This calls for a hit-and-trial method, which is very inconvenient. 

    Pest control professional services are already at par with all of this research. They can guarantee a quick solution to your problem. They are well versed in the knowledge of all kinds of pests, their behaviour, and where to find them. This can save a lot of time on your part while solving your problem efficiently.

    Pest control professionals provide a permanent solution

    When it comes to dealing with a problem such as a termite or a pest infestation, the key is experience. Pests cannot be permanently dealt with based on theoretical knowledge.

    The impeccable training, specialisation, experience, and knowledge of the professionals in this field guarantee that your pest problem will be dealt with permanently.

    Professionals will be able to track down the source of the pests, the other locations they thrive in, and permanently remove them. Their methods are practised and proven. This means that once you’ve called the pest control services, you can sleep well without having to worry about the problem resurfacing.

    You can save money 

    If you contact professionals for termite control or any other pest problem, you will save a lot of money too. 

    When dealing with the pests on your own, you will have to take different types of expenditures into account. All the money that will go into buying the materials needed, the chemicals, the safety equipment, and more, will be saved. 

    Moreover, the professionals will also be able to put a full stop to the problem so you will not have to spend money on the same thing in the future.

    To sum up 

    Your house is your happy place, and termites or other pests can take that away. Therefore, it is best to address a pest problem as soon as possible. 

    Consulting a professional will also help you get insight into your way of life. You will also learn how to change things and where so that you can better secure your house against pest infestations.

    Radar Pest Control provides all the above services in the most dependable way possible. You should rely upon the company’s professional pest control services because it has the best knowledge and equipment to help you. See

  • How to Hire The Best Pest Control Services for Your Commercial Space?

    When the general public thinks of pest control, they think about homes and gardens. In reality, those are not the only places that need protection from pests. Even commercial spaces can be victims of an infestation and need regular pest control to prevent it from recurring. 

    Pest control in commercial spaces helps protect business assets and improve employee productivity. Not to mention, it also prevents the reputation of the business from being ruined and safeguards the health of the employees and the customers.

    As every commercial establishment is different and has different requirements, a one-size-fits-all approach won't cut it when it comes to pest management. The businesses must reach out to various companies to determine which one is best suited to treat their space.

    Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Pest Control Company

    Pest management in commercial spaces would be very different from what one gets for their domestic spaces. For one, it would have to be discreet so as not to disturb the workers and customers.

    As they are experienced, they would know which parts of the space would be the problem spots and how to thoroughly examine them. Picking a company for your space doesn't have to be a confusing and long-drawn-out process.

    Questions to ask before you hire a pest control service

    Here are some preliminary questions you can ask the company which will help determine which one is most suited:

    • Is the pest management company experienced? How many years since they’ve been in business?

    • Do they have specialised commercial services and industry-specific protocols?

    • Do they offer customized services that will be tailored to your particular space?

    • Do they offer a service warranty? Is there a money-back policy or a second service if the original extermination does not succeed in eradicating the problem?

    • Do they have a code of conduct and service delivery?

    • Do they offer free quotes?

    What to Expect

    There are some things you should expect when hiring a pest control company. Any company that is professional and wants to help solve the issue permanently will follow these protocols. These are:

    • An in-depth inspection of the interiors as well as the exteriors of your space

    • If any furniture is told to be moved pre-inspection and treatment.Make sure this is done before the arrival of the technicians to ensure that the process goes smoothly

    • Detection of the source of pest activity and the risks it might cause.

    • Treatment of the areas affected and implementation of methods for controlling pests in all areas of the space.

    • Suitable suggestions and recommendations on how to prevent future infestation.

    • An on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment.

    • Tweaking and modifying the treatment to ensure maximum efficiency.

    It is also suggested that the employer request the pest control company to educate the staff on conditions that affect pest activity and what they should individually be doing to prevent a recurrence.

    The employees should be encouraged to keep an eye out for any nests or breakouts and to report them to their authorities immediately. The staff should be instructed to clean their individual workplaces clean and not to keep any stray food lying around so as not to attract pests.

    Final Takeaway

    Modern commercial architecture with internal ducts makes a suitable home for many pests. Hence, prevention is better than cure. It is not necessary for your space to already be infested for you to get a pest management treatment done. Kill the problem before its birth and ensure less stress for you and your staff. 

    It is suggested that you invest in complete pest control packages that offer inspection and preventive measures which will protect your commercial space from the damage caused by pests. With Radar Pest Control, you get the best and just the professional type of services you require for your commercial space!

  • Learn Why You Should Opt For Pest Control Services Before Moving In A 'Stayed-In' House

    When most people think of pest control or pest management, they think about the elimination of cockroaches, fleas, and mice. However, pest control does not just help get rid of these pests but also makes sure that our health, our food, and our property are safe from diseases and contamination.

    Often, people who are moving into a ‘stayed-in’ home choose not to opt for pest control as they assume that the house has been cleaned and active. So, the pests wouldn’t have a chance to form the nest there. The truth is, pests show up in our homes regardless of whether you clean everyday or haven’t swept in weeks.

    They are attracted to the warmth and comfort that the cozy corners of your house provide. Seeing a few random sightings of spiders are not the problem and can be easily fixed. However, regular sightings of these pests mean that there's a nest that has been formed somewhere in the house, and you will need pest control to fix it.

    Is Pest Control Really Beneficial or Just a Hoax?

    You’ll be surprised - and terrified - to see the list of insects and pests that can breed in your home and the diseases that they carry. They also cause a serious amount of property damage and consume a large part of your food supply. Here’s why it is a smart idea to opt for pest control services before you move in:

    Pests Carry Diseases

    Rodents, particularly mice and rats, are carriers of Hantavirus, which is fatal once passed to humans. They also are carriers of salmonella, bubonic plague viruses, and leptospirosis. Other dangerous pests like mosquitos, ticks, and fleas often use rodents as a free ride to get where they want to go.

    As there is no way to know whether a pest is carrying a virus, it is better to err on the side of caution.

    Prevention of Allergies

    Did you know most pests are known to carry components that most people can have severe allergic reactions too? For example, there are many individuals who are found to be allergic to certain insects.

    Bed bugs and mosquitos are notoriously known to cause skin rashes. Is your house safe from those?

    Pests Damage Belongings

    Termites and carpenter ants find a way to source their food in your house even if you’ve been keeping it clean as they survive off of wood. As they hide within walls, they’ve already done a lot of damage before you’ve spotted them.

    Rodents can cause severe internal damage by nibbling away at the insulation of the electrical wires or puncturing water pipes.

    Pests Contaminate Food

    Rodents consume about 20% of the world’s food supply. They also leave bacteria and excreta around as they rummage through your kitchen. Eating foods exposed to these factors can cause you to fall fatally ill.

    Why choose to hire professionals?

    While many store-bought and home remedies seem to fix the problem, in reality, they only attack the problem at the surface level. Typically, the source of the infestation is hidden away and cannot be reached or accessed using DIY remedies. Pest control professionals such as Radar Pest Control services are equipped to stop the problem at its source and know exactly what to do to make sure that this problem doesn’t recur.

    They can detect pests that we didn't even notice were breeding in our homes - termites, silverfish, carpenter ants. Additionally, the store-bought and home remedies tend to be more on the expensive end, and one ends up spending a lot of money on unfruitful results.

    It would be way more financially-convenient to have a pest controller come in twice a year to stay on top of any issues that may arise inyour house. Visit for more information.

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