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    How to Hire The Best Pest Control Services for Your Commercial Space?

    When the general public thinks of pest control, they think about homes and gardens. In reality, those are not the only places that need protection from pests. Even commercial spaces can be victims of an infestation and need regular pest control to prevent it from recurring. 

    Pest control in commercial spaces helps protect business assets and improve employee productivity. Not to mention, it also prevents the reputation of the business from being ruined and safeguards the health of the employees and the customers.

    As every commercial establishment is different and has different requirements, a one-size-fits-all approach won't cut it when it comes to pest management. The businesses must reach out to various companies to determine which one is best suited to treat their space.

    Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Pest Control Company

    Pest management in commercial spaces would be very different from what one gets for their domestic spaces. For one, it would have to be discreet so as not to disturb the workers and customers.

    As they are experienced, they would know which parts of the space would be the problem spots and how to thoroughly examine them. Picking a company for your space doesn't have to be a confusing and long-drawn-out process.

    Questions to ask before you hire a pest control service

    Here are some preliminary questions you can ask the company which will help determine which one is most suited:

    • Is the pest management company experienced? How many years since they’ve been in business?

    • Do they have specialised commercial services and industry-specific protocols?

    • Do they offer customized services that will be tailored to your particular space?

    • Do they offer a service warranty? Is there a money-back policy or a second service if the original extermination does not succeed in eradicating the problem?

    • Do they have a code of conduct and service delivery?

    • Do they offer free quotes?

    What to Expect

    There are some things you should expect when hiring a pest control company. Any company that is professional and wants to help solve the issue permanently will follow these protocols. These are:

    • An in-depth inspection of the interiors as well as the exteriors of your space

    • If any furniture is told to be moved pre-inspection and treatment.Make sure this is done before the arrival of the technicians to ensure that the process goes smoothly

    • Detection of the source of pest activity and the risks it might cause.

    • Treatment of the areas affected and implementation of methods for controlling pests in all areas of the space.

    • Suitable suggestions and recommendations on how to prevent future infestation.

    • An on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment.

    • Tweaking and modifying the treatment to ensure maximum efficiency.

    It is also suggested that the employer request the pest control company to educate the staff on conditions that affect pest activity and what they should individually be doing to prevent a recurrence.

    The employees should be encouraged to keep an eye out for any nests or breakouts and to report them to their authorities immediately. The staff should be instructed to clean their individual workplaces clean and not to keep any stray food lying around so as not to attract pests.

    Final Takeaway

    Modern commercial architecture with internal ducts makes a suitable home for many pests. Hence, prevention is better than cure. It is not necessary for your space to already be infested for you to get a pest management treatment done. Kill the problem before its birth and ensure less stress for you and your staff. 

    It is suggested that you invest in complete pest control packages that offer inspection and preventive measures which will protect your commercial space from the damage caused by pests. With Radar Pest Control, you get the best and just the professional type of services you require for your commercial space!


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